Revit Family for Examination light

Revit Family for Examination light

Project Name: Revit Family for Examination light

Nature of the project and Software used: Revit family creation; Revit 2014 used for this project

Resources Utilized: 1 Revit Modeler

Leadership: 1 Project Manager

Turn Around time: 2 working days

Project Description:

  • Creation of Parametric family of a examination light
  • Spring arm developed in this family should be rotatable 40° to the upper side of the equipment and 45° in the lower side of the equipment.
  • Also the lamp attached to the spring arm should be 310° movable.

Inputs provided by client:

  • PDF with the dimension and angle details to be used while creating the Parametric Revit Family

Work Methodology:

  • Create Parametric Revit family of an Examination light using Revit 2014.
  • Parts of the family created should be flexible as per the client requirements.

Deliverables: Parametric Revit family

Client feedback: The family has been developed exactly as we wanted. The Parametric components are great and it moves till the degree of rotation we needed.

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