CAD Drafting Services


Tesla CADD is an Architectural and Engineering Firm offering high quality Drafting services across all domains. We work on providing detailed and high precision CAD Drafting Services to Builders, Architectural firms, General contractors and Engineering Consultants.

Our CAD Drafting Services include:

CAD Conversion Services

CAD conversion is one of the simplest scopes of work within drafting services. Tesla CADD works towards providing high quality deliverables within lowest turnaround time for these types of projects. Our drafters work on standards as per client’s requirements and set drafting standards during CAD Conversion too. Our team consists of CAD Drafters with experience for more than a decade. We work all Engineering domains such as Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and MEP projects.

Architectural Drafting Services

Architectural Drafting an integral part of our Drafting services portfolio. Tesla CADD provides high precision CAD drafting services to clients in North America. We work on drafting projects for:

  • Residential & Commercial buildings
  • Multistory apartments
  • Single family homes
  • Site plans
  • Resorts and Hotels

We also are experts in working on intelligent Drafting Projects. We are diligent in following layering standards, text standards and other specification depending on client requirements. We have a team of CAD drafters working on our projects however we take architectural inputs from Architects too while quality checking the CAD drawings drafted by our drafters.

Structural Drafting Services

Tesla CADD excels in executing high end Structural Drafting projects. We draft structural drawings for steel, wood and concrete constructions. We work on converting pdf to CAD drawings by incorporating high level structural components. Some of Structural Drafting Projects we work on are:

  • Foundation drawings
  • Miscellaneous drawings
  • Connection drawings
  • Piles, Shaft and trusses
  • Bolt plans
  • Erection plans

Our Drafters work using standards as per client requirements and location. We have executed quite a few Steel Drafting Projects.

MEP Drafting Services

Tesla CADD works on high end MEP drafting projects to clients across United States. Our Drafting team consists of drafters with 10+ years of experience with great expertise in developing high quality MEP drawings. We strive to deliver quality output within quick turnaround time. CAD Drafting, Shop Drawings, 2D plans and 2D Coordination Drawings are some of the MEP Drafting Services we provide. We work on:

  • HVAC Drafting Services
  • Electrical CAD Drawings
  • Electrical CAD Layouts
  • Plumbing CAD Drawings
  • Fire-fighting CAD Drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • MEP Components

Mechanical CAD Drafting Services

We provide high quality and detailed Mechanical Drafting Services to our clients. Our clientele usually belong to manufacturing, fabrication and automobile industry. We develop complex Mechanical Drawings for machine spare parts, bolts, automobile, gear box etc. We also work on Sheet Metal drawings which can later be used for fabrication purposes.

We develop:

  • Mechanical 2D Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Part drawings
  • Plans and Layouts
  • Sheet Metal Drawings
  • Mechanical Design Drawings

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